Elegant 2021 Calendar: Printable Monthly Templates

Are you looking for some Elegant 2021 monthly calendar? Here you may explore some minimalist calendars I have designed that are simply designed in a horizontal (landscape) layout. All calendars have enough room to mark any piece of information you want to store.

If you prefer Vertical 2021 calendars they are also readily available, I am sure you will like the minimalist designs.

These are elegant 2021 calendars which are simple black and white, ink-free calendars. Months mentioned in large font, followed by the year. Below which there are weekdays written in elegant style. Spacious rectangular boxes have dates mentioned in small numerals on the top left corners hence leave enough space to fill up all your important updates like appointments, meetings, birthdays, anniversaries, reminders of activities, etc.

The minimalist elegant 2021 monthly calendar templates types:

  • Black & White Ink-free Templates
  • Horizontal (Landscape) Layout
  • Re-sizable (Easily fit in the bullet journal, binder, or planner)

There are many scheduling apps available for managing tasks but printable calendars are the simplest and easiest solution available. These are hassle-free and convenient, you can easily place them at your favorite locations like refrigerator, office workstation, wall, or even keep in your wallet. Calendars could be very useful for scheduling productive errands and you must give time to each task efficiently.

You may be a business person, a working professional, or a house maker, printable calendars are useful for everyone in some way or the other. You may store important information like official meetings, outdoor meetings, birthdays, anniversaries, important reminders, kitchen groceries, and so many other tasks. That way you will never forget and miss your undertakings. You just need to place your calendar at a location where you can have a glimpse of all the tasks immediately.

Free Printable Elegant 2021 Calendar: Minimalist Designs

The link to all horizontal calendars in one pdf is below in the post

January 2021 Horizontal Calendar
April 2021 Horizontal Style Calendar
July 2021 Horizontal Calendar
October 2021 Horizontal Calendar
February 2021 Horizontal Calendar
May 2021 Horizontal Style Calendar
August 2021 Horizontal Calendar
November 2021 Horizontal Calendar
March 2021 Horizontal Calendar
June 2021 Horizontal Calendar
September 2021 Horizontal Calendar
December 2021 Horizontal Calendar

How to Download Calendars?

You may directly download the calendars from the respective post below. Calendars can be downloaded instantly and no sign-up required. You just need to hit the pdf link and from there you can download as many calendars as you need but for personal use only. PDF reader needs to be installed on your device. Our printable calendars are the copyright property of Calendarglobal and any reselling or commercial use is not allowed.

If you find any issue with downloading you can comment down below and we will fix it as soon as possible.

You can easily download these calendars from the respective post below and then print them.

From the post, you just need to scroll down to the calendar image and there is a download link under each image. You can either click on that link to save the image to your device or another option is to directly right-click on the image and save. I will prefer you to download the pdf file using the link as the quality of the image will be high using this link. You need not worry as these links are totally safe.

How to Use these elegant 2021 Monthly Calendars?

Here are some practical and effective usages about elegant calendars. All the calendars provided by us, have large rooms to mark important dates, appointments, official /personal meetings, monthly sales targets, or important reminders. Some calendar designs may have separate columns for notes too. If you are a student, calendars can be used as a reminder for assignment submission dates, tests, scheduling your studies, time-table, etc.

Now you just need to mark all these important dates and hang them somewhere you can have a look at them easily. You just need to develop a habit of checking these calendars daily. Once you will get into this habit, you will start enjoying the process of daily checking on important reminders and targets. That way you will never miss an important update.

What’s so Special About Printable Calendars?

If you are thinking what’s so special about elegant calendars and how can they be useful for me? The answer is very simple, Our beautiful calendars, help you plan your month in style. We keep publishing various calendar types and planners on regular basis. Our designs range from Aesthetic, floral, animated, stylish, fancy, and elegant.

You can also download these calendars and can share them with your friends and colleagues.


I hope you like these Elegant 2021 calendars and found what you were looking for! If you have any query or specific requirement related to printable calendars, please leave a message below in the comment section. I will try to provide it as soon as possible. Stay connected for more printables as I keep updating such interesting and useful designs.

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