November 2020 Calendar with Popular Holidays & Events

Do you love Holidays? Right, who doesn’t? So, we are here to introduce our latest calendars of November 2020 Calendar with Holidays and events. Calendars are a very important part of our life as they help us to maintain a positive life-cycle. You may be thinking what is the relationship between a positive lifestyle and calendars.

Let me guide you. Some of the most important things needed to live a positive lifestyle are positive thought, punctuality, etc. Calendars help you in being punctual and never miss an important reminder, appointments, birthdays, anniversaries, festivals, etc. It helps you in keeping up with your targets and goals.

November 2020 Calendar with Holidays Feature Image

These November 2020 Calendars with holidays will help you in planning trips. You can easily spot the upcoming holidays and plan your month accordingly. These calendars will really help you in being productive throughout the month and achieve all the goals you have set for the month. So go ahead and download the free printable November 2020 calendar with Holidays.

Download links are provided below each calendar image, you just need to click on the click and the image will be automatically saved to your computer. You can then print it and hang it on your office, drawing rooms, kitchen, or even children’s room walls. You can even use them to put at the table desks.

November 2020 Holiday List

Here is the list of November holidays in 2020, events and observances in the United States. However due to the COVID-19 pandemic some of the events may be canceled or postponed, please check the event’s details with the respective organizers.

Free Printable November 2020 Calendar With Holidays

You may be thinking what’s so special about paper calendars and why should I download them from here? The answer is very simple, Using our beautiful calendars, you can plan your month in style. We provide you with a wide range of designs and themes to choose from. So, you can choose according to your interest. Our designs range from Aesthetic, Girly, animated, stylish, fancy, and elegant.

You can also download these calendars and set them as your desktop wallpaper, or even your mobile backgrounds.

Basic Color November 2020 Calendar with Holidays – Canada

November 2020 Calendar with Canadian Holidays

This calendar comes with a very sleek design. You get a bold title on top as NOVEMBER 2020. Below the title, we have got days of the week followed by the dates. You will see that the calendar has a separate notes column marked on its rightmost parts. You can write all your important appointments, meetings, birthdays, anniversaries and other important dates here. You get the holiday marked with red color, making it easy to spot.

Remembrance Day: 11 Nov: It is observed by the commonwealth of nations and is celebrated in the memory of members of their armed forces who died in world war 1.

It is also called Poppy Day.

Sophisticated November 2020 Calendar with Holidays – India

November 2020 Calendar with Indian Holidays

Another simple and sober design calendar with the holidays marked in red. It makes it easier to spot the holidays when they are highlighted. The calendar has a big bold Title of month name and year. The weekdays are highlighted in grey and black color. You get ample space in the date boxes to mark some important meetings, dates, birthdays, etc. You can use this calendar in your homes, office, etc. The design is simple.

14 Nov: Deepawali: Diwali is an Indian festival and also called the festival of lights. It is celebrated during the month of November or October depending on the lunisolar month. It symbolizes the victory of light over darkness, good over evil, and knowledge over ignorance.

Plain & Simple November 2020 Calendar with Holidays – Phillippines

November 2020 Calendar with Phillipines Holidays

This calendar has holidays marked in the month of November according to Phillippines. You get a big and bold title on top with year followed by month name. Below the title, all the days are marked in bold and highlighted in grey color. You get ample space in the date boxes to write down your schedules. You can mark important dates, appointments, hospital visits, etc easily. You get some empty boxes too. You can plan your holidays around the month-end as there is a national holiday.

30th Nov: Bonifacio Day: It is a national holiday in Phillippines, commemorating one of the country’s national heroes, Andrés Bonifacio. It is said that he played a key role in the Phillippines revolution of 1896 against the Spanish empire. He was the leader and founder of the secret society which made this possible. Society was called Katipunan.

Ink-Free November 2020 Calendar with Holidays –  USA

November 2020 Calendar with USA Holidays

This is another simple and sober Calendar for November 2020 with holidays marked for the USA. You get a big heading of the month name in bold, followed by the year. Below each day is also present in bold but dates are kept simple. You get follow-up dates of the next month too. You just need to fill in all your reminders, appointments, meetings, etc and I am sure you will miss none. You get enough space around the calendar to write some important reminders or targets if you want. You can use this calendar to plan holidays in the month of November 2020.

11 Nov: Veterans Day: It is a federal holiday in the United States. It is observed every year on Nov 11 to remember the military veterans, who are the people who sacrificed their lives or even served in the US Armed forces.

26 Nov: Thanksgiving Day: It is a national holiday which is celebrated not only in the United States but other countries like Canada, Brazil, Saint Lucia, Liberia, etc for thanking god for this year’s harvest and seeking blessings for the upcoming year. In the United States, it is celebrated on 26 Nov.

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Hope You Like These November Calendar with Holidays

Hope you have found your November calendar and if you are looking for any specific calendar then please leave a message in the comment box, I will add it to the post. You may download all month’s calendar from the respective posts, I keep share printable calendars and planners on regular basis.

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