Pdf Calendar 2021: Free Printable Templates

Are you looking for some free and elegant printable pdf calendar 2021? Here I have designed some amazing and practical calendars in monthly, weekly, and yearly formats.

Here’s what you will find along the post:

  • Printable pdf monthly calendars 2021: 4 Designs
  • Pdf yearly calendars: 2021 : 3 Designs
  • Pdf Weekly calendars 2021: 6 Designs’

I hope you will like these pdf calendar templates as I love creating them. I have recently started designing calendars and really fascinates me. Along with the pdf calendars, you may also explore calendar pages in Excel and Word Formats.

All calendar designs ( monthly, yearly, and weekly) are available in this post but for downloading, I will have to redirect you to the respective post from there you can download them instantly.

Printing instructions:

All calendar formats are available in pdf files and I am assuming that you already have Adobe (pdf reader) installed in your system. All printable available on calendarglobal are compatible with almost every printer, or you can directly save the calendar (jpg format) at your device while right clicking on the image.

Each calendar image has been provided pdf link underneath, you just need to hit the download link and file will be on your way. Simple, isn’t it!

Regular printing paper will work fine, by default all printable calendars are full in size but there are some printables that can be resized, they are in black and white (minimalist). You can cut them as per the size you require, they can be easily fit in your bullet journal or binder.

I believe you are browsing this post then definitely, planning is your priority and you would like to keep your calendars secure and don’t want to miss them. So here I would highly recommend you to use some ring-binding stuff which I use occasionally to sort my printables. I hope this will be a huge stress reliever for you because once you missed your stuff then it’s really frustrating to re-organize things again from start.

There are many mammoth sites that offer printable calendars for ages and you may explore endless stuff related to printable calendars and other time management tools there, timeanddate is one of them and It always keeps inspiring me.

Now Here Are the Monthly Pdf Calendar 2021: (Pink, Green, and B&W)

You can use these pretty printable in your bullet journals and binders. All colors used are soft yet energetic and once you put them into action they will definitely look gorgeous for sure. Here is a sample look for your reference, please check out!

2021 Monthly PDF Calendars – Pink

2021 Monthly PDF Calendars – Green

2021 Monthly PDF Calendars – Black & White

Well! these pdf printables are for 2021, you may download the calendars from the respective post from the below links.

You may download the pdf calendar 2021 files from the posts below. All calendars are instantly downloadable and sign-up required. Each image has pdf link underneath, once you hit the download button, pdf files will be on your way, in a second!

As you can see there are four designs available and I have kept the soft soothing colors according to the theme and if you want to use them officially then a simple calendar in black and white (minimalist) is a good fit for you.

All other month’s calendars look exactly like them, just browse the post and grab your favorite calendar template.

If you find any issue with downloading you can comment down below and we will fix it as soon as possible.

Printable Yearly PDF Calendar 2021: 3 Designs

Here are the 2021 yearly calendar pdf templates for your reference. I have designed 3 different formats (vertical, Horizontal and with holidays)

As you can see these 3 designs of yearly calendars are here, the link is provided below and you may download the images from the post.

2021 Yearly PDF Calendars: Download

Printable Weekly PDF Calendars: 6 Designs

Here are the Weekly PDF calendar and planner templates for your reference. I have designed 6 different formats (undated, with 1 hour time slot, Morning to Night Schedule, for students)

Link to download pdf files is below:

Printable Weekly PDF Calendars

A glimpse of what you can expect here:

If this is your first visit then I would like to tell you that I have been designing printables for quite some time. Here you may explore the range of calendars from monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, yearly, and weekly formats and plan your time in style.

You can choose printables according to your interest as here I have calendar design range in floral, stylish, fancy yet elegant

Along with calendars I am also offering exclusive planner templates in daily, weekly and monthly formats. They will help you to get closer to your goals and eventually achieve them. I hope you will like them!

If you have any concerns related to printable calendars or particularly looking for some other calendars, please let me know in the comment section below, I will try to include that.

And in the end, if you like my effort of providing these free printables, please share this post with your friends and colleagues.  

I hope you like these printable pdf calendar 2021 templates!

Wishing you all the happiest 2021!

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