You are currently viewing Cute & Free Printable October 2021 Calendar – 7 Designs

Cute & Free Printable October 2021 Calendar – 7 Designs

In need of some cute & free printable October 2021 calendar? I have designed some pretty calendars which are practically useful as well.

I am sure these printable calendars help you organize your days and months in style with ease. You may find 8 different designs in soft elegant colored and minimalist black & white.

Here is what you will get along the post:

  • Printable October 2021 Calendars: 8 Cute Designs
  • Downloading Instructions
  • Some calendar using tips
  • Conclusion

Printable October 2021 Calendar: All Pretty Designs

Here are all 7 designs for October month, start from colored ones to black & white minimalist calendars. I hope you will like them.

October 2021 Calendar Pretty Green

This is the first design of the October calendar in light green background. Large square boxes give ample space for storing any piece of useful information.

Printable October 2021 Calendar in Cute Green by Calendarglobal

October 2021 Pink Calendar

This one is another colored calendar from calendarglobal in pretty pink color. The format is the same as the previous calendar. You may mark your to-do list, reminders, or birthdays in the spacious boxes.

October 2021 Calendar in Elegant Pink by Calendarglobal

October 2021 Black & White Calendar

This October template in black & white designs is decent and even you can customize the size as per your requirement. You may cut the paper size which fits in your bullet journals or planners.

October 2021 Calendar Resizeable by Calendarglobal

October 2021 Large Calendar

Here’s the large October 2021 calendar in formal square layout. This template could be used for storing detailed information in spacious boxes.

October 2021 Large Calendar

Simple Vertical October 2021 Calendar

This is the simple October calendar in a portrait design. The title has the month name written in beautiful cursive followed by the year below. The big boxes in vertical shape have enough space and can easily store notes, reminders, and your goals in them.

October 2021 Vertical Calendar

Simple Horizontal October 2021 Calendar

This design in October 2021 is in a horizontal layout. The title has the month name written in beautiful cursive followed by the year below. You get the weekdays name below, starting from Sunday. The boxes are quite big and can easily store notes, reminders, and your goals in them.

October 2021 Horizontal Calendar

Printable October 2021 Calendar with Holidays and Observances

This design is a simple and sober calendar for the month of October 2021. This year Columbus Day is to be celebrated on Monday 11th October and Halloween on 31st October. If you are looking for other months’ holidays then you may visit my post about Printable Calendars with Holidays, here you get the 2021 monthly calendar with federal holidays.

October 2021 Calendar with Holidays
March 2021 Calendar with Popular Holidays

Downloading Instructions

It is very easy to download calendars from our site. You will find that below each calendar image there is a link provided. You can click on that link to save the image to your computer or device. All March calendar images are in pdf formats, you just need Adobe to install them on your device. You need not worry as these links are totally safe.

If you find any issue with downloading you can comment down below and we will fix it as soon as possible.

How Useful are These Printable calendars?

All the calendars provided by us, have enough space in the boxes to mark important dates, appointments, meetings, targets, or some reminders. Some calendar designs may have separate columns for notes too. You can easily download these calendars from the links provided below each image and then print them. If you are a student, calendars can be used as a reminder for assignment submission dates, tests, scheduling your studies, time-table, etc.

Now you just need to mark all these important dates and hang them somewhere you can have a look at them easily. You just need to develop a habit of checking these calendars daily. Once you will get into this habit, you will start enjoying the process of daily checking on important reminders and targets. And never miss an important update.

I Hope You Like These October Calendars!

I wish you like these March calendars as much as I love creating them. All the Printable October 2021 calendars provided by us are sophisticated, either they are soft on colors or they are completely black & white so it’s up to your wish how you wanna use them. This post is kept updating on regular basis. I hope using them, you reach all your goals and develop a habit of being on schedule. For more such types of calendars & planners, you can check the site.

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