Vertical 2022 Monthly Calendar: PDF Templates

Are you looking for printable calendars for 2022? Your search probably ends here, I have designed some minimalist and elegant calendar templates in vertical/portrait orientations that are simple in design yet practically usable. All calendars have larger space for writing any piece of information, you want to store.

In our calendars you get the month name in a cool large font, followed by the year. Below which there are weekdays written in elegant style. You get large spacious boxes to fill up all your important updates like appointments, meetings, birthdays, anniversaries, reminders of activities, etc.

The minimalist vertical 2022 monthly calendar templates types:

  • Black & White Minimalist
  • Vertical (Portrait) Layout
  • Re-sizable (Easily fit in the bullet journal, binder, or planner)

Nowadays many people looking for the easiest and viable solution for scheduling tasks and setting goals. In this pandemic situation, it is very important to understand that these are the times when you need these calendars rigorously. Let me explain. Now, when everyone is locked in their homes for such a long time, it is seen that people tend to become lazy and unproductive. Printable calendars can be very useful at such times. You should design a productive schedule for yourself, in which you must give time to each activity efficiently. These calendars will help you to keep your schedule organized.

No matter who you are or what you do, calendars are important for everyone. You can write down all the important dates like birthdays, anniversaries of the month, important reminders like meetings, appointments, etc which you don’t wanna forget. You will just need to check your calendar daily and that’s it, you are ready for the day.

Free Printable Portrait 2022 Monthly Calendars: 12 Pages

January 2022 Portrait Calendar
February 2022 Portrait Calendar
March 2022 Portrait Calendar
April 2022 Portrait Calendar
May 2022 Portrait Calendar
June 2022 Portrait Calendar
July 2022 Portrait Calendar
August 2022 Portrait Calendar
September 2022 Portrait Calendar
October 2022 Portrait Calendar
November 2022 Portrait Calendar
December 2022 Portrait Calendar

Free Printable Portrait 2021 Monthly Calendars

January 2021 Vertical Calendar
July 2021 Vertical Calendar
February 2021 Vertical Calendar
August 2021 Vertical Calendar
March 2021 Vertical Calendar
September 2021 Vertical Calendar
April 2021 Vertical Style Calendar
October 2021 Vertical Calendar
May 2021 Vertical Style Calendar
November 2021 Vertical Calendar
June 2021 Vertical Calendar
December 2021 Vertical Calendar

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All calendars have been merged in a single pdf, if you want to download single or fewer calendars for any particular month then please visit the monthly posts.

If you find any issue with downloading you can comment down below and we will fix it as soon as possible.

How can you use monthly calendars?

All the calendars provided by us, have enough space in the boxes to mark important dates, appointments, meetings, targets, or some reminders. Some calendar designs may have separate columns for notes too. If you are a student, calendars can be used as a reminder for assignment submission dates, tests, scheduling your studies, timetable, etc.

You can easily download these calendars from the respective post below and then print them.

Now you just need to mark all these important dates and hang them somewhere you can have a look at them easily. You just need to develop a habit of checking these calendars daily. Once you will get into this habit, you will start enjoying the process of daily checking on important reminders and targets. And never miss an important update.

Have You Found Your Favorite Calendar?

I hope you like these vertical 2022 monthly calendars and found what you were looking for! If you have any queries or specific requirements related to printable calendars, please leave a message below in the comment section. I will try to provide it as soon as possible. Stay connected for more printables as I keep updating such interesting and useful designs on regular basis.

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