Free Printable Word Calendar Template 2021

Are you looking for some Free Word Calendar Template for 2021? I have designed some minimalist monthly calendars in Microsoft Word (.docx) which are practically useable and elegant as well.

Here’s what you will find along the post:

  • Word Calendars 2021: Monthly Templates
  • Word Calendar: Weekly Templates

I hope you will like these word calendar templates as I love creating them. I have recently started designing calendars for quite some time and it really fascinates me. Along with the word calendars, you may also explore calendar pages in Excel and pdf Formats.

Calendars are a great way to be organized, you can keep track of all your daily activities. Calendars provide you with the advantage of being productive, by planning an everyday schedule.

You can write all your upcoming appointments, meetings, schedules even important days like birthdays, anniversaries, and reminders on these calendars.

How to Download?

All calendars in this post are available in Docx in weekly and monthly formats. These calendar templates could be ideally used for students and business owners. While using them you can plan your month in style.

All the calendar templates are available in word format, you just need to download the word calendar file using the download link provided below each image. Once you have downloaded the template, you can open them using Microsoft Word.

Word Calendar Monthly Templates 2021: Jan to Dec

Here are all monthly designs of word Calendar 2021, I have kept all designs minimalist and elegant so that they can match for the official purposes. All important monthly holidays are mentioned which helps you to plan your month accordingly.

January 2021 Calendar

January 2021 Word Calendar By Calendarglobal

Free Download January 2021 Calendar Template (.docx)

February 2021 Calendar

February 2021 Word Calendar By Calendarglobal

Free Download February 2021 Calendar Template (.docx)

March 2021 Calendar

March 2021 Word Calendar By Calendarglobal

Free Download March 2021 Calendar Template (.docx)

April 2021 Calendar

April 2021 Word Calendar By Calendarglobal

Free Download April 2021 Calendar Template (.docx)

May 2021 Calendar

May 2021 Word Calendar By Calendarglobal

Free Download May 2021 Calendar Template (.docx)

June 2021 Calendar

June 2021 Word Calendar By Calendarglobal

Free Download June 2021 Calendar Template (.docx)

July 2021 Calendar

July 2021 Word Calendar By Calendarglobal

Free Download July 2021 Calendar Template (.docx)

August 2021 Calendar

August 2021 Word Calendar By Calendarglobal

Free Download August 2021 Calendar Template (.docx)

September 2021 Calendar

September 2021 Word Calendar By Calendarglobal

Free Download September 2021 Calendar Template (.docx)

October 2021 Calendar

October 2021 Word Calendar By Calendarglobal

Free Download October 2021 Calendar Template (.docx)

November 2021 Calendar

November 2021 Word Calendar By Calendarglobal

Free Download November 2021 Calendar Template (.docx)

December 2021 Calendar

December 2021 Word Calendar By Calendarglobal

Free Download December 2021 Calendar Template (.docx)

How to create a Calendar in MS Word?

To create a Calendar in MS Word, you don’t need much, only a computer and MS office installed and working. You basically have 3 options when it comes to creating calendars in MS Word.

1. Using Coding from Microsoft: This option is not for everyone as you need to have coding skills to create calendars using coding in Microsoft.

If you are from a non technical background or don’t have those coding skills, don’t worry we have other options for you too.

2. Creating from Scratch: You can create a calendar in word from scratch, but it is a very dense process with many steps. You will need to work with column heights, row heights, margins, and orientation. Then you will need to set the table borders and page setup. This option may be too complicated and also process may take some time. We have another option which is the most popular and easy too.

3. Using a Calendar Template: You can always use yearly or monthly calendar templates and speed up the process. When you will use these templates, they will provide you a basic structure. All you will need to do is to customize them according to your choice, you can change fonts, size, colors, etc. This process is explained in detail, in one of our articles – How to create a Calendar in word, you can refer to that.

If you don’t wanna get into the process of creating Calendars in MS word on your own, then don’t worry, we understand your pain. That’s why we have created some free word calendar templates that you can easily download and manage your schedule effectively. We have free calendar templates to meet almost every requirement, whether you want to have detailed view templates, calendar templates with enough spaces to write down some notes, etc. You can customize these templates too if you want.

So these were some of the 2021 Calendar Word templates, which you can download and print easily. So download now and make yourself productive

I hope You like these Word calendar template!

If you face any difficulty while downloading them or any query related to printable calendars, please mention in the below comment section, I will try to respond at the earliest.

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