Free Printable 2021 Yearly One Page Calendar

Hello there! Let’s welcome in 2021. Last year has been challenging for all of us and we wanted to get rid of 2020 so badly. The situation is much improved now and we hope to defeat the pandemic very soon. As we say, the show must go on so here we are welcoming the year 2021 with greater enthusiasm and energy. To help you achieve your goals we are presenting the 2021 Calendar on One page.

We would like to see you as a more organized person with all the important things in place. To help you achieve that we are providing you some free and practical 2021 annual calendar templates. If you have any doubt about how simple printable calendars can be helpful in self-development. I am providing here some real-life examples to make you believe. Read on!

Why Do I Need A 12 Month Calendar?

Calendar, in general, is a prevalent, household item. For centuries, the calendar has been used by people in different forms. The prehistoric people used to carve out the calendar on rocks and stones for managing time. Modern people prefer to use a calendar as a part of their smartphone or paper calendar. From stone caves to the screen of laptops, the calendar has come across miles to help us create a balance between time and life.

Work is part and parcel of human life. No one can avoid work altogether. Many people complain about the shortage of time to complete the given task. Some feel bad about the fact that they are left with no time for their own or their loved ones. While others complain that time flies so soon. The solution to all these problems is only one – time management. If you can manage your time well, you will never fall short of time ever again. So here come printable calendars in the picture, think of 2021 Yearly Calendars as your companion and they will help you manage and schedule your yearly goals and important dates in one place. You can mark down all important tasks and goals in the notes section or at the date blocks and stick the paper calendar at your preferred location. That way, they will never let you missed or forget your important errands.

2021 Yearly Calendar Landscape Layout

2021 Calendar Landscape

Yearly Calendar 2021 Free Download

2021 Calendar in landscape (horizontal) layout and bolder dates can be seen from distance. The holidays are red so that you can identify them with a glimpse. This calendar is beautiful and sophisticated at the same time.

Printable 2021 Calendar with Holidays

2021 Calendar with Holidays

2021 Printable Calendar with Holidays

This one is the 2021 Printable Yearly calendar with holidays. It’s a minimalist calendar with all the major holidays and events of 2021 is mentioned at the bottom. Holidays are even marked in the calendar for easy identification.

Cute 2021 Calendar Portrait (Vertical) Layout

Printable 2021 Calendar Portrait

Cute 2021 Calendar Portrait Style

Now, this one is a cute and simple annual calendar for 2021 in portrait (vertical) layout. Months are highlighted with a flashing yellow background while the rest of the calendar is simply black & White.

2021 Monthly Calendars

If you are looking for monthly calendars for the year 2021, links are given below. Download the practical and cute monthly calendars from the respective link.

How Can I Use A 2021 Calendar?

With the help of the Yearly Calendar, you may sort out all the events well in advance. You get to check the facts, festivals, important days, goals, official events, occasions of the entire year in the very beginning itself. You can plan your vacations, meetings, appointments, and what not? And the cherry on the cake is that you are getting a whole year to plan your schedule for all the 365 days. It is beneficial for everyone.

If you always run out of time and leave your work incomplete, if you always feel that twenty-four hours in a day are not enough for you, if you feel overburdened due to lack of time, then my dear you are in dire need of a properly maintained Yearly 2021 calendar.  All you need is to take some time out of your busy schedule and use this time to organize and plan all your work with the help of the calendar.

How Should I Start Planning With A 2021 Calendar?

Are you blindly running behind success without any plan or aim or target? If yes, then get yourself a 2021 calendar and start planning and tracking your work as soon as possible. By using it with the utmost efficiency, you can improve your time management skills. You will never fall short of time again. You will always be able to achieve your target well within the time allocated to you.

Some advantages of using a annual calendars:

  • Routine for a whole year– An annual calendar will help out in making strategies well in advance. You will be able to set your routine for the entire year. If you create a proper schedule without any loophole and stick to it no matter what, you will never fail to achieve your aim.
  • Fruitful planning–   If you can plan your entire year, then there is no chance of lagging. You will be able to do multitasking time and again.
  • Brand recognition – Your brand is worthy of all the name and fame. So, to give it what it deserves, showcase some images of your brand on the yearly calendar. Do not forget to add a catchy tagline describing your brand. Anyone who gets to see your yearly calendar will also come to know about your brand too.

A printable yearly calendar is not meant for single-purpose use. It can be used in a whole lot of other things. Here are some of the best ways to use the printable yearly calendar:

  • It can be used to run a meeting. Just fill in all the details like time, venue, date, and other relatable information. And you are good to go. You will never again forget an important meeting.
  • You can utilize them efficiently as a habit tracker. You have to keep on noting down your habits on the calendar. Once you start attaining them, make sure to put a tick mark.
  • If you are fond of celebrating birthdays, anniversaries, special days, etc., mark them on the calendar with different colored pens, and voila! You are sorted for the entire year.
  • The 2021 calendar can be your perfect training planner. Jot down the whole training plan in the very beginning and stick to it with full determination.
  • Of course, you can use the yearly calendar as a vacation planner too. Plan your trip, and never again, you will need to cancel your vacation due to mismanagement of time.

Printable Yearly calendars usage:

It is basically a calendar available in the printed form. They can be used according to your needs and preferences. They can be kept at any place. It is handy and portable. It is flexible too. You can easily customize it as per the situation. It can be used as a dietician. Motivator, routine planner, track recorder, and so on. There are many options online. Choose the one that you feel is the most appealing. And then start using it according to your needs and preferences.

Some Facts About Calendars

Boring is so uncool. We do not use anything that tends to bore us. Thanks to yearly calendars! They can be fun if put to use properly.

Below mentioned are some of the fun facts regarding yearly calendars:

  1. Sunday was chosen as the rest and prayer day by Roman emperor Constantine in the year 321.
  2. The word “calendar” is derived from the Latin world “kalendae.” It basically means the first day of the month.
  3. There is always a high probability that the 13th of every month can be a Friday.
  4. Gregorian calendar is the most common form of calendar used all over the world.
  5. Apart from the Gregorian calendar, there are six more types of calendars. These are the Hebrew calendar, the Chinese calendar, the Islamic calendar, the Persian calendar, Te Balinese Pawukon, and the Ethiopian calendar.


If you want to maintain a smooth lifestyle despite all the work pressure, then you should opt for using a yearly calendar. You will be amazed to see that all your goals are being completed before time. To wipe away all hustle and mess from your routine, start with the 2021 calendar soon. The annual printable calendar is an excellent option to choose from. Work, plan, and schedule all the events according to the yearly calendar, and you won’t even realize how smooth your life is going to feel.

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